From the Landforce Crew

We Have Moved!

24 May in General News

Landforce is scrappy, resilient, resourceful and flexible to say the least. You can see us sporting a suit working the crowd or creating beautiful trails all in a day’s work. Last week pushed us to even greater heights as we quickly adapted between all of our various roles to find...

Hiring is like dating.

07 April in General News

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Hiring is like dating?”  If that’s the case, then, at Landforce we’ve spent a lot of the last few weeks on dates, and we are pleased to announce that there are some great fish in the sea.  Over 50 people have applied for 14...

Landforce: 3 Cities in 4 days

24 February in General News

The Landforce team, at a pivotal time in our growth, recently returned from a whirlwind trip, visiting 4 organizations and 2 museums in 3 cities, all in just 4 days. At 15 months old we understand the need to learn from organizations that do similar work and explore their practices...

A 2016 Moment from Ilyssa

03 February in General News

I don’t get out onto the Landforce work sites nearly as much as I would like, but on an early August day last summer I was planning on spending a couple of hours with the Crews at Allegheny Land Trust’s Dead Man’s Hollow.  As you climb up the Witch Hazel...

Landforce crew member swinging a fire axe.

Do Trail Tools = Life Lessons?

08 August in General News

Thanks to Thomas Guentner, our Program Manager, for helping us understand how trail tools really can provide life lessons. We are now more than 12 weeks into our season and the most exciting transformation I have witnessed is how confident the crew members have become with the tools they use on...

Tiffany’s Moving Office

15 June in General News

As we move through the season, we want to provide different perspectives on what we are doing here at Landforce. Staff and crewmembers will take turns writing posts about their experience. This week, Tiffany Kim, our Workforce Development and Outreach Manager, wrote the post below about her recent meetings with...