Landforce helps Pittsburgh organizations restore and maintain land and green assets by providing professionally skilled crews who can assist in environmental management.  At the same time, we support our Crew Members’ passion to become strong and capable employees for Landforce and future employers.

Construct and Maintain Trails

Creating new trails, and maintaining and rerouting existing trails

Restore Habitats

Returning degraded habitat to a healthy, safe state

Stabilize Vacant Land

Cleaning and restoring vacant lots to create vibrant spaces

Manage Green Infrastructure

Protecting green infrastructure and improving the health of waterways

Our Mission Is More Than Restoring Land. We Invest in People.

Landforce Crew Member at work reconstructing a board walk

Working with our non-profit partners, we provide both hard and soft skills development as well as support for our crew members to enter full-time, permanent, family-sustaining jobs.

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