Stormwater & Green Infrastructure Management

Trained Landforce Crews are available to help install or maintain rain gardens, bioswales, and other stormwater and green infrastructure projects.

Our crews can work with your designers and managers to ensure that your projects are carefully installed, that plants receive enough water until they are established, that only undesirable plants are removed, and that infiltration systems stay clear of debris. 

What is Green Infrastructure?

According to American Rivers, green infrastructure is an approach to water management that protects, restores, or mimics the natural water cycle. Green infrastructure solutions can be applied on different scales, from the house or building level to the broader landscape level.

On the local level, green infrastructure practices include rain gardens, permeable pavement, green roofs, infiltration planters, trees and tree boxes, and rainwater harvesting systems. At the largest scale, the preservation and restoration of natural landscapes (such as forests, floodplains and wetlands) are critical components of green infrastructure. Learn more about green infrastructure.

Potential for Green Infrastructure Projects in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh region is entering an exciting period where we expect to see a large increase in green infrastructure projects designed to manage stormwater and reduce the amount of untreated sewage and storm water overflowing into our streams and rivers.

Pittsburgh’s current stormwater management methods violate the Environmental Protection Agency’s federal Clean Water Act. Learn more about Pittsburgh’s stormwater issues from 3 Rivers Wet Weather.