Where Are Crew Members Now?

Based on the results of the Emerald Trail Corps, an early version of Landforce, crew members go on to employment opportunities that they were prepared and trained for during their time as a crew member.

75% of crew members walked directly into employment opportunities in 2014.

Crew Members frequently report an increase in self confidence, self worth, perseverance, and a sense of pride in improving community assets.

Crew Member Comments after participating in Emerald Trail Corps

“I hope I get to do something so good again.”

“I used to destroy communities.  Now I build them.”

“This job is unlike any other job.”

“Now I feel like a trail building expert and a leader.”

“I surprised myself to find out I am such a people person.”

“I really felt like a member of a team.”

“I hate how hard building trails is, but I love turning around and seeing everything we’ve accomplished.”