“Partnering with Landforce (formerly the Emerald Trail Corps) on our trail improvements in South Side Park has been a great experience. We are a small, all volunteer organization and the Pittsburgh Conservation Corps staff helped make our vision a reality by guiding us through the best practices in trail routing and construction. They also were very helpful in navigating the City of Pittsburgh approval process. Their trail construction is well thought out and very well executed. After two seasons, the trails are holding up well and are able to be maintained by our volunteer base. We look forward to working with them on future trail extensions.”

Brad Palmisiano, South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association

“The members from Emerald Trail Corps (now Landforce) have proved themselves here at Bear Run Nature Reserve to be smart, strong and committed to doing an excellent job. Every member in the group provided a unique skillset that enabled them to accomplish everything with ease.”

Brian Jones, Land Stewardship Coordinator, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

“Thomas and the Emerald Trail Corps (now Landforce) provided outstanding quality and workmanship through the development of sustainable trails at Dead Man’s Hollow Conservation Area that will be enjoyed for decades. They were a pleasure to work with and were flexible throughout our period of engagement. We now look forward to working with the Landforce crew in future years to continue to provide local residents with quality recreation and healthy living opportunities.”

Emilie Rzotkiewicz, Vice President of Land Resources, Allegheny Land Trust

“To experience the trails blazed and built by the Emerald Trail Corp is amazing! It is hard to believe the steepness and intricacy of the trail work with an outcome of very challenging trails within the urban fabric of Pittsburgh. Quite a feat!”

Lisa Kunst-Vavro, The Penn State Center

Testimonials from Trail Users

“Much work has been done to remove many of the psychological barriers about this space in the last several years. When I moved into the neighborhood in 2009 I never would have thought of the hillsides as a park or to even venture down them. Four years later I can't wait for the next nice weekend to take a hike literally in my front yard.”

Jason Machuga

“I went for a nice little hike on the trail this past weekend for the first time. I just wanted to let you know that it's amazing, and a beautiful asset for this city. Many thanks to you, as well as the crew for all the work that you guys are putting into it. It's truly appreciated.”

Zaheen Hussain

“You are all doing such an amazing job. I've had the pleasure to run a few of the trail portions and I'm simply blown away by all the work that has been accomplished over the summer months. Just needed to let you know that I continue to be left in awe every time I'm on the trails. I actually live in Mt. Washington once again and now truly understand how much of an asset the parks and trail systems are. Thank YOU, the trail crew, and all who make these progressions happen!``

Alex Kantner

Emerald View Park trail in use