“In our first year managing Hazelwood Green Landforce has been great to work with. Thomas and Ilyssa are always quick to respond and always have insightful answers or solutions for what we need. We hope to have Landforce involved at the site as it develops and reaches its full potential with their help.”

Ryan Walsh, JLL Pittsburgh

“Landforce once again blew me away with how quickly and professionally they were able to complete difficult projects. The trail they completed in Polish Hill was met with acclaim by local residents, and I was particularly appreciative of the small details they included like leaving large rocks in place so that trail users might have a place to sit and enjoy their natural surroundings.”

Jake Milofsky, Tree Pittsburgh

“If you have the opportunity to work with the staff and crew at Landforce, do it! Not only were they communicative and flexible with their scheduling, but they were also accommodating when bumps in the road occurred, and additional services were needed on our affordable rehab project in Homewood. We are so thankful to have them as a community partner here in the Homewood area, and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Gabby DiMarchi, Operation Better Block

“WPC had the great fortune to work with Landforce again this year during our busy fall tree planting season. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic safety restrictions, WPC was unable to work this year with our usual army of volunteers. Landforce's assistance was key for WPC meeting our fall planting goals for the Pittsburgh Redbud Project this year while facing very unusual circumstances. We love the Landforce mission and the quality of the work and the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff. ”

Jeffery Bergman, The Western PA Conservancy

“Trying Together and the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative have partnered with Landforce for our past two seasons of upkeep and maintenance of a park and playground space in Hazelwood. The Landforce team has done a stunning job of doing both a spring and fall cleanup (including upgrading mulch and trimming existing plants and trees). In addition to general annual upkeep, they've consulted on adding additional plants and handled the procuring and planting of these. As stewards of these two spaces in Hazelwood, we are so grateful for the hard work and expertise of our partners at Landforce.”
Sarah Siplak, Trying Together

Testimonials from Trail Users

“Much work has been done to remove many of the psychological barriers about this space in the last several years. When I moved into the neighborhood in 2009 I never would have thought of the hillsides as a park or to even venture down them. Four years later I can't wait for the next nice weekend to take a hike literally in my front yard.”

Jason Machuga

“I went for a nice little hike on the trail this past weekend for the first time. I just wanted to let you know that it's amazing, and a beautiful asset for this city. Many thanks to you, as well as the crew for all the work that you guys are putting into it. It's truly appreciated.”

Zaheen Hussain

“You are all doing such an amazing job. I've had the pleasure to run a few of the trail portions and I'm simply blown away by all the work that has been accomplished over the summer months. Just needed to let you know that I continue to be left in awe every time I'm on the trails. I actually live in Mt. Washington once again and now truly understand how much of an asset the parks and trail systems are. Thank YOU, the trail crew, and all who make these progressions happen!``

Alex Kantner

“The Landforce crews get big kudos for doing such a great job in creating the Emerald View trail system. I rode them recently, only a day after some rainfall and they were excellently drained!”

Sean Brady, Hollow Oak Land Trust

Emerald View Park trail in use