About Landforce

Our vision: Landforce is committed to building a just world, where everyone belongs, lives in a healthy environment, and surpasses their greatest dreams.

Our mission: We nourish a culture of self-empowerment for people aspiring towards meaningful and stable employment, as we protect and improve the environment.

Our teams: Professionally skilled crews who help restore and maintain land and green assets and can assist in a wide array of environmental management.

What we do

Working closely with a coalition of public and private agencies as well as a network of greenspace and workforce development experts, Landforce…

  • Recruits, trains, educates, employs and supports adults who have faced structural barriers to stable, family sustaining, employment based upon race or personal histories.
  • Facilitates quality land stewardship services such as: invasive plant management removal, vacant lot stabilization, garden bed installation, wooden step installation, trail building, reforestation, garden maintenance, erosion control, tree care/maintenance, riparian zone management, and additional green infrastructure maintenance needs for a variety of land types throughout the city and county.
  • Provides meaningful employment coupled with transitional career coaching using best practices and a trauma-informed approach.
  • Establishes a collaborative brand that creates value for all stakeholders and can be both adaptive and enduring.

Guiding Principles

Landforce commits to:

  • Center the needs and experiences of our participants in all we do, on the job site, in training, & with career coaching.
  • Maximize the public benefit of the work we do by combining employment opportunities and environmental stewardship.
  • Adapt to different land types, stewardship services and the needs of our crew members.
  • Recognize that market demand informs program size.
  • Provide high quality and relevant training, on the job experience, and credentials.
  • Create strong partnerships with potential employers and land steward and workforce development organizations.
  • Value multi-organizational collaboration, shared services, and inclusivity.
  • Support partner organizations working in similar sectors rather than competing with them.
  • Ensure that Landforce is an organization built upon respect and compassion for all of our employees and partners.
  • Acknowledge the challenges and trauma many of our employees face and build appropriate tools and capacity.

Photo Credit: Brian Cohen Photography