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What Is a Landforce Crew, and What Do They Do?

A Landforce Crew is a team who works closely together to create important, positive change in the parks and green places in Allegheny County. Our crews are fun and productive, and they work hard to complete each project.

When you’re a part of a Landforce Crew, you will have a lot to be proud of, and your work will have a lasting impact as you give back to Pittsburgh and neighboring communities.  Watch this short video to hear from our Crew Members.

Crew members also work with the Landforce team to create and implement Individualized Employment Plans, working together to identify and find long-term employment options.

Crew members cutting a fallen tree trunk

A Landforce Crew includes 6 crew members and 1 crew leader. Each crew provides restoration and management services for parks, trails, and other outdoor spaces. There are four kinds of work that Landforce crews do:

  • Managing Vacant Land
  • Constructing Trails
  • Restoring Habitats
  • Managing Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

Some projects might involve more than one kind of work — constructing trails plus restoring habitats, for example.

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What Benefits Are There to Being a Crew Member?

As a Landforce Crew Member you get to work on a productive, fun team. The work is hands-on. It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding — not just because of the people you work with, but because in the end you’re having an impact on the quality of life in this region and can feel proud of your contribution.

Plus, as a crew member, you develop real-world skills, build your resume, and have the chance to work with our Workforce Development & Outreach Manager. Together, we will identify your long-term employment goals, identify the necessary steps to get there, and create an Individualized Employment Plan.  Before you leave the Landforce team, we will also help you connect to future opportunities.

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Where Are Landforce Crew Members Now?

  • 92% of crew members who finish the season with us walk directly into employment opportunities with other employers
  • Crew members frequently report an increase in self confidence, self worth, perseverance, and a sense of pride in improving community assets