Vacant Land Management & Stabilization

A Landforce Crew can work to your specifications to manage and stabilize vacant land through initial site improvements and maintenance services.


Vacant lot before


Vacant lot after

Here’s an example of the difference a well-maintained lot can make in a neighborhood. The bulk of the work for this GTECH project, the Allegheny Mountains Lot, was done by GTECH’s Northside Ambassador, Matthew Yurkovich, and his Brighton Heights neighbors.

Vacant lots are common byproducts of older, urban neighborhoods that have faced a declining population. Many vacant lots act as garbage piles, crime scenes, and impediments to redevelopment. Though vacant lots are normally concentrated in underserved communities, no neighborhood is immune to their blighting influences.

How you stabilize and manage a vacant lot often depends on the size and characteristics of the lot. Each vacant lot is an opportunity to redefine its neighborhood through added economic and social value.

We collaborate with Lots to Love and GTECH on many vacant land projects.

Site improvements can include:

  • Removing dumped items and vegetated overgrowth
  • Planting grass, trees, or flowers
  • Installing simple structures such as fences or benches

Maintenance services can include:

  • Cutting grass
  • Keeping vegetation well-maintained
  • Watering plants
  • Other services as necessary