Hire Landforce

Landforce aims to help Pittsburgh’s nonprofit community, municipalities, and agencies restore and maintain land and green assets by providing professionally skilled crews who can assist in environmental management.

Our crews are made up of people who have faced a variety of barriers entering the workforce — whether due to former incarceration, poverty, a lack of education, as a returning veteran, or as a new refugee.

Working with our non-profit partners, we provide both hard and soft skills development as well as support for our crew members to enter full-time, permanent, family-sustaining jobs once their 6-months employment with Landforce comes to an end. Crew Members work with our Workforce Development team to create and follow Individualized Employment Plans.

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Photo Credit: Travis Neely
A Landforce Crew

What is a Landforce Crew?

A Landforce Crew consists of 6 crew members and 1 crew leader who work about 200 hours per week on projects. Each crew provides professional level construction, restoration and maintenance services for trails, vacant lots, invasive plants, trees, garden plots, and other habitat and restoration services as needed. Our Program Manager provides logistical support. We expect to have 2 Landforce Crews available to hire between May and November 2016.


Visit our Past Projects page to view work Landforce Crews have previously done.