Hire Landforce

Landforce’s professionally skilled crews help Pittsburgh’s nonprofit organizations, municipalities, authorities, and developers restore and maintain land and manage environmental assets.

Landforce provides opportunities for people (individuals returning from incarceration, struggling with addiction, mental health diagnoses, who are un-housed, or experiencing generational poverty) as they face the structural barriers our society has created. Our goal is to support them as they move towards economic stability, and ultimately mobility.

As Landforce employees, crew members participate in professional development that includes both environmental training and life skills. Each crew member receives career coaching as we support their transition to employment outside of Landforce. 

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Photo Credit: Travis Neely
A Landforce Crew

What is a Landforce Crew?

A Landforce Crew usually consists of 6 crew members and 1 crew leader who work about 200 hours per week on projects, although size may vary depending upon the project. Each crew provides professional level construction, restoration and maintenance services for trails, vacant lots, invasive plants, trees, garden plots, and other habitat and restoration services as needed. Our Land Stewardship Team provides logistical support. Crews are generally available May through November, although we can take on limited off-season work as well.


Visit our Past Projects page to view work Landforce Crews have previously done.