What To Expect

Landforce Crew Member Job Description


To assist Landforce with land stewardship contracts on a seasonal basis, such as trail construction, habitat restoration, tree planting and care, green infrastructure maintenance, garden installation, and vacant lot management and other land stewardship projects; while working with the Landforce Workforce Development team to build soft skills in trainings, identify barriers to employment, create an Employment Action Plan, complete tasks to activate the plan, and apply for permanent, family-sustaining positions.

Job Responsibilities

Below are the essential functions of a Landforce Crew Member:

  • Use hand tools and mechanical tools, work alongside other crew members to meet and exceed expectations on land stewardship contracts. This may include:
    • trail construction including traditional earth moving as well as stone work and simple carpentry;
    • habitat restoration including vine removal, plant removal, planting, and plant maintenance;
    • vacant lot management including the removal of dumped goods, overgrown vegetation, planting, plant maintenance and basic construction;
    • tree planting, watering, pruning, and mulching;
    • garden installation including fence and garden bed construction;
    • green infrastructure installation and maintenance including the construction of below ground infrastructure, planting, plant maintenance, weeding, etc.
    • general landscaping including weeding, mulching, pruning, cutting grass, and removing garbage;
    • other land stewardship projects as they arise;
    • participation in community-based work as assigned by Site Supervisor or Program Manager.
  • Actively participate in hard and soft skills  trainings to build knowledge in all above subjects, construction techniques, financial management, work ethic, how to be an ideal employee, problem-solving, and teamwork techniques.
  • Work closely with the Workforce Development staff to establish career goals, complete all assigned tasks to meet these goals, attend and participate in career exploration seminars, job searches, and additional trainings to further professional and personal growth.
  • Become an effective and reliable member of the Landforce team, communicating effectively with team members, participating in team-centered events, and engaging professionally with all Landforce clients and staff.
  • Attend weekly team meetings with Landforce staff to address questions and issues as they arise.
  • Complete all necessary Landforce paperwork and documents as instructed by Site Supervisor.
  • Adhere to organization policy, procedures and the professional code of ethics.
  • Perform other assigned duties as required for the success of the organization.

Professional Development

Participate in professional development opportunities with Landforce to learn about environmental stewardship, community development and workforce skills. Work with Landforce staff to overcome barriers to employment, identify long-term career goals, establish a plan for employment, develop an effective resume and appropriate job search and interview skills.

Working with People

Internal: Must work positively with Landforce staff and all crew members.

External: Must work positively with contracting agencies, potential partners, contractors, trainers, volunteers, consultants, City and County departments as applicable.

Special Job Requirements

While performing the duties of a Landforce Crew Member, you will be regularly required to:

    • Walk on uneven, rough and steep terrain as well as paved and unpaved trails
    • Use hands and arms to handle and manipulate objects and tools
    • Control and operate foot controls on equipment
    • Stand, sit, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl
    • Navigate stairs
    • Carry items weighing up to 50 pounds
    • Walk between 1 to 3 miles to get to worksites
    • Work in a variety of environmental conditions including extreme cold, extreme heat, humidity, and wet, slippery conditions
    • Work outside while exposed to direct sunlight, dust, pollen, and equipment exhaust fumes

In addition, you may have to travel to locations within and outside of the City of Pittsburgh.  Unless otherwise stated, you will be responsible for your own transportation to and from each worksite. You may also have close contact with a computer screen. Weekend and evening hours may, on occasion, be required to attend special events and to meet specific deadlines.

Equipment Used

  • Variety of outdoors tools and equipment (such as shovels, hoses, rakes, hoes, mattocks, hand clippers, wheel barrows, and more)
  • Personal computer and printer
  • Office equipment (such telephone system, fax, copier)

Reports Prepared

Work Logs. Employment Action Plan.