Work We Do

With almost 45,000 vacant lots and well over 10,000 acres of parks and land trusts, Allegheny County is home to important open space. All that space must be maintained to retain and increase its value, and to allow everyone to benefit from it. Despite significant and growing demand to enhance and maintain green spaces, the capacity to do so on a broad scale did not exist before now.

Likewise, even though Allegheny County has a robust workforce and human services sector, there is still a large need among people who have been excluded from employment opportunities. 

To address both of these issues, Landforce was developed to create a specialized labor force known as a Landforce Crew. Landforce Crews provide basic land stewardship services to enhance, reclaim, and maintain land assets such as parks, land trusts, vacant land, land banks and greenways. At the same time, Landforce Crew Members gain valuable employment experience, work on overcoming barriers to success, identify career interests, and build a pathway to their own futures.

If you don’t see your needs on this page, just tell us about your project. We love teaching our crew members new skills.

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Photo Credit: Travis Neely