Benefits of Being a Landforce Crew Member

Start Working Now

As a Landforce Crew Member, you will assist Landforce with land stewardship contracts on a seasonal basis. Projects may include constructing trails, restoring habitats, installing gardens, managing vacant lots, maintaining green infrastructure, planting and caring for trees, and other land stewardship projects.

Contribute to the Community

The work you do with Landforce provides important benefits to the community. Restoring and maintaining public lands means there are healthy green spaces that people can enjoy, and that make our community a nicer place to live.

Receive Training for Jobs that Need Workers

Landforce prepares Crew Members for jobs that need workers in two different ways. First, we partner with you to identify the opportunities you would like to pursue, the skills and trainings you might need, and the obstacles that you may need to address to get the kind of job you would like.  Second, we partner directly with employers, getting to know them and their employment needs, and help you identify a good potential match and apply for permanent positions.

Apply and Be Hired for a Permanent Job

At Landforce, you’ll receive customized training and support services, and you’ll have dedicated time to improve your ability to find new work after you leave the program. This includes dedicated time for job searching interviewing and applications. In 2014, 75% of our Crew Members walked directly into permanent jobs after working with us, and every year since those results have gotten better.

Discover Yourself

Crew Members say that the job opportunities are only part of how their lives improved from working with Landforce. Our Crew Members say that they have more self confidence, self worth, perseverance, and a sense of pride in improving community assets. Many say that working to improve the community is why they felt a change. As one Crew Member explained, “Once, I destroyed communities. Now I build them.”