Trail Construction & Upgrades

Working from a trail plan that you provide, Landforce can either assist with creating a flag line for our crews to follow or work from one that you and your experts have already established.

Creating New Trails

Our crews will begin creating your trail by brushing away excess vegetation and removing any obstacles to a clear and safe trail experience. From there we will shape the ground to match the natural contours so that factors such as drainage and frequent, year round use do not corrupt the long term integrity of the trail.

Construction style can vary depending on the placement of the trail. For instance, if a trail is going to traverse a steep hillside, we will need to dig deeper into the hillside to establish a sturdy trail surface, or tread. We will also need to control the grade, or steepness, of the trail by approaching the trail at such an angle that allows for a comfortable walk without forcing steep inclines on users.

Crouse Run Boardwalk Reconstructed by Landforce

Maintaining and Rerouting Existing Trails

Our crews can maintain existing trails by removing fallen debris such as tree branches and leaves, which can act like a sponge and hold moisture creating a degraded and muddy tread. In addition, we can reroute trails to shift away from a problem area to terrain better suited for trail longevity and sustainability. Throughout any project we undertake, we work to ensure the highest level of quality.

We may occasionally have opportunities for volunteers to join us in our efforts, but for a more sustained way of volunteering to enhance our local trail system, see what’s going on with Trail Pittsburgh, Hollow Oak Land Trust, Allegheny Land Trust, and many other local efforts.