Bear Run


Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC)


Extensively reroute trail approximately 3 miles from the trailhead within Bear Run State Park.

Mt Washington CDC crew at Bear Run

Work Completed

In 2013, the WPC approached the Emerald Trail Corps to reroute a trail in Bear Run Nature Reserve. During this project, eight crew members were housed in a cabin on Bear Run State Park grounds for a week, and assisted in an extensive trail reroute project approximately 3 miles from the trailhead.

At the work site, we moved massive rocks to reinforce a chronically wet section of the trail. We also created a dry crossing over several active springs while armed only with hand tools.

This project was an extremely valuable experience for our crew, as we learned several new techniques that we have since been able to successfully incorporate in our approach to typical problem areas.


The level and quality of our work during this project allowed Bear Run to accomplish their project goals ahead of schedule. We then moved to another work site within the park, maximizing the value the park received from our services.

In the end, our crew left as a better trained, more cohesive team, and WPC was able to complete several of their projects. These projects will have lasting impact on user satisfaction and the durability of the trail system within Bear Run State Park.