Through my Board service Landforce has given me a gift — witnessing the moment an individual realizes that their life is significant, but also helping me feel as if my own existence has become more significant.

Read more from board member Ray Miles about the impact that your donation has in the life of one crew member. 

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Landforce is registered as a 501(c)3 under the name Pittsburgh Conservation Corps. Donations to Landforce are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Because Landforce is a training program, we provide our services at a subsidized rate.  In addition, we still need to pay for the support services we provide for our Crew Members.

Our sustainability depends upon the contracts we work on, grants we receive and the support of donors like you.

Thank you for your support, in all of its forms.

The Need for Landforce

Poverty is a real and serious issue in Pittsburgh. Currently, 21% of Pittsburgh’s population lives at or below the poverty rate, a full 6% higher than the national average. This disparity in wealth is also reflected in data relating to homelessness, home ownership, employment, education, health and well-being, and most other measures of “livability” in Pittsburgh.

While Pittsburgh experienced a lower unemployment rate overall during the recent “Great Recession,” we also were experiencing much higher levels of unemployment among key sectors of Pittsburgh population. In 2012, 16.6% of African American Pittsburghers and 11.8% of Hispanic Pittsburghers were unemployed, respectively nearly three times and two times the unemployment rate of White Pittsburghers (6.1%).

Likewise, this inequity continues with arrest and incarceration rates in Pittsburgh. Here, African American youth were arrested at 5 times the rate of their white peers, but across the nation African American youth were arrested at twice the rate of their white peers. Similarly, African American adults were arrested at three times the rate of their white peers in Pittsburgh, but only twice as much across the nation.

By providing work, training, and supportive services, Landforce aims to fight against the wealth disparity within Pittsburgh’s population by providing opportunities for individuals to overcome barriers to employment and obtain family-supporting wages.

For more data on this subject, please see “Barriers & Bridges” and “Pittsburgh’s Racial Demographics 2015.”