Habitat Restoration

Landforce Crews can work with you to restore degraded habitats by cleaning out dumpsites, cutting and removing vines and other invasive plants, planting new trees, shrubs or plants, caring for these trees, and building deer exclosures and other fences. 

Degraded Habitats Within Pittsburgh

The hillsides of Southwest Pennsylvania often reflect a long history of land use that has resulted in significantly degraded environments, whether these are the result of deforestation, mining, illegal dumping, or the introduction of invasive plant species.  Our woodlands can be infested with vines and other invasive plants, our streams polluted with mine runoff and pollutants from our roads and other stormwater runoff, and our hillsides littered with tires, rusted cars and shopping carts.  

Typical garbage dump in underused land

The work of Landforce can help improve the health and safety of our hillsides. Working from a restoration plan, we can provide the trained and knowledgeable labor to reach your goals. If cleaning up our hillsides is important to you, you can join Allegheny Cleanways on one of their volunteer days.