Landforce Q&A: Salaam

Landforce Q&A: Salaam

16:15 11 September in General News

Get to Know Us! 

This the second in a series of Q&A posts to help you get to know the Landforce family. Keep an eye on our blog to see new posts from the staff and crew!


  1. Name

Salaam Mangum

  1. Job Title

Crew Member, Data Coordinator

  1. How long have you worked at Landforce?

I have been with Landforce for 4 months.

  1. Hometown

My hometown in Newark, New Jersey.

  1. Biggest accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment is serving in the military. 

  1. Favorite summer activity

My favorite summer activity is music production. 

  1. Goal you’re currently working on

One of my current goals is securing housing. 

  1. Favorite place in Pittsburgh

My favorite place in Pittsburgh is the Overlook on Mt. Washington. 

  1. Favorite things about Landforce

My favorite thing about Landforce is how much everyone cares about each other’s success.  

  1. Most challenging part about being a Landforce team member

The most challenging thing about Landforce is travelling to different sites on the bus. 

  1. Something that you’re enjoying listening to/reading/watching right now

Currently I’m enjoying watching the show Snowfall.