We Won the Google Impact Challenge!

Google.or Impact Challenge Pittsburgh Winner Logo

We Won the Google Impact Challenge!

12:31 22 February in General News


What a day we had yesterday at Landforce! After reviewing 94 applications, the Google.org Impact Challenge Pittsburgh awarded Landforce and 3 other fabulous Pittsburgh organizations (Community Kitchen, Idea Foundry, and Prototype PGH) $50,000 each. These awards will support our innovative work to create economic opportunity in the Pittsburgh region.  And most exciting of all, between February 28th and March 14th you’ll be able to vote for one of us to receive an additional $50,000! Thank you Google.org.

Over the last 2 years Landforce has been hitting our targets by helping 23 people transition into permanent positions and investing 13,000 hours in stewarding our environment. And we’re ready to do more. This grant will allow us to explore moving into a range of green technologies like solar, energy efficiency, wind, and green infrastructure, expanding upon our environmental and our workforce goals. And remember, Landforce is unusual because we pay wages for important environmental work while also training for priority jobs. Wages provide firm footings for people transforming their lives; and we all benefit from a more beautiful and healthy environment. That’s the Landforce way to invest in people and restore our environment.

And while we really, really would appreciate you voting for us so we can increase the good work we do, we encourage you to check out the other organizations (Idea Foundry, Prototype PGH, and Community Kitchen) and learn about the great work they are also doing to make the lives of all Pittsburghers better. But really, vote for us! Please!

(If you’re confused about the news coverage calling us “Pittsburgh Conservation Corps,” and not Landforce, remember that we are legally registered as Pittsburgh Conservation Corps, but Doing/Business/As Landforce.)

The Landorce team receiving the Google Impact Challenge Pittsburgh Award.

Thanks to Richard Kelly for the photograph.